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Red Wine

House Burgundy


1/2 Liter $7

Liter $12

Colters Creek Red Blend (local)


Hogue Merlot

A bright fruit driven wine with aromas of plum, cranberry, and cedar. Ripe berry and cherry flavors with nutmeg, cinnamon and subtle notes of oak

Jacobs Creek Shiraz

Consistently produces outstanding medium to full bodied wines deep crimson in color with ripe plum and pepper flavors. Shiraz wines benefit from oak maturation and may be kept for many years.


Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Typically medium to full bodied, often leafy with ripe cassis like flavors, cabernets should always be well structured and elegant.


Bogle Pinot Noir

With floral notes of violet and rose petals accompanied by wild strawberry; this wine offers flavors of chokeberry, currant, pipe tobacco, and toasted spices with refined tanins.


Menage a Trois Midnight

Bold and sensational; this red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvingon, Merlot and Petite Verdot. Voluptuous blackberry and plush spice flavors seduce your palate.